Day 1

1. Maria Yeroyanni Can we stop desertification with Nature Based Solutions?

2. Prof. Helen Briassoulis The LEDDRA project – Four years of research on human responses to Land and Ecosystem Degradation and Desertification (LEDD)

3. Prof. Geoff Wilson, Dr. Claire Kelly Theory of responses to LEDD and community resilience

4. Prof. Costas Kosmas Responses to LEDD in cropland

5. Prof. Concepción L. Alados Responses to LEDD in grazing land

6. Prof. Agostino Ferrara Responses to LEDD in forests and shrubland

7. Ruta Landgrebe Policy recommendations - findings from the LEDDRA project

8. Konstantinos Damianakis, Dimitri Psarras,, Evgenia Stylianou The gap between formulation and implementation of European / National policy in Messara Valley and Asteroussia Mts, Crete, Greece

9. Federico Fillat Evaluation of legal responses to the management of Pyrenean pastures


Day 2

1. Sergio Zelaya - Bonilla The International perspective

2. Claudia Olazabal The European perspective

3. Mark Schauer, Hannes Etter The Economics of Land Degradation - Integrating the economic perspective into the science-policy interface